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VISEUM UAE has set the gold standard of the security industry for intelligent video analysis software. It is the result of the world's largest academic imaging research network to produce the world's most intelligent video analysis software. VISEUM Virtual Operator Intelligent Software Technology Services has attracted the industry's leading video analytics and video processor software developers, and our advanced monitoring profiles are the result of the work of our top professional doctorates.

To stay ahead of terrorists and other criminals is critical to bring state-of-the-art CCTV technology to market in the fastest possible way. Our processes and infrastructure to deliver this security success have evolved over the longer period of time to produce robust and highly efficient routines, turning innovation into practical solutions for video analytics software.

Our video content analysis software development teams work hand in hand with the world's largest academic video analytics software research networks to take advantage of the latest knowledge, methods and concepts. For example, optimization of deep learning, neural networks and computer processing, has changed video analysis software forever, and VISEUM was instrumental in this change.

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