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Best Face Recognition Software…

  • Reliably 4 times greater accuracy than any other Face Recognition Software.
  • Operates using any CCTV camera and the unique 360° Long Range VISEUM IMC Camera – Automatically match and uniquely follow 100 times more faces and automatically detect and uniquely follow over 15 times more incidents from just one camera installation.
  • The only CCTV technology to accurately follow people until their face is captured, giving the ability of capturing faces in populated wide areas of high risk suspects, even when they approach CCTV cameras, and consistently hide their identity.

Best Face Matching Software with Leading Face Recognition Analytics

General Use

Individuals can be automatically assigned to the red, black and green security checklists and verified to alert security personnel and be followed automatically.

Example 1 - A VIP or suspect may be followed through a city, and live reports of incidents and events that may affect them may be sent to security personnel as alarms or simply as a knowledge of the situation.

Example 2 - For more effective and efficient border security, it is essential to have the ability to allow and prohibit people and vehicles within or outside certain areas, without creating unnecessary delays. The flow of people, vehicles, face and identity checks through certain areas of a security company using SOOALUX surveillance solutions can be optimized based on an efficient balance of day-to-day operations sites and the threat to security.

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